For the Family

Jen Broas

“Stay focused on the dream that you have and why you started. Maybe you have to start with baby goals at first, but finish each goal and create new ones.”

her doTERRA vision. Jen’s first experience with Diamond Club helped her go from Gold to Platinum. She says, “Diamond Club was definitely the driving point behind my rank advancement and was huge to me.” After such a positive experience with Diamond Club, she decided to go again, and once more, her husband was there to faithfully support her. She says, “I know that was taxing on him and my family, but through it all, he has never stopped supporting me.”

Jen has now reached her goal of staying at home with her children and loves every minute of her family freedom. As a family, they can do more together, and Jen loves to include her family in her business wherever she can. She says, “My children are doTERRA children. They take oils to school, and they use them all of the time. We live a doTERRA life, and I love the fact that it’s great for our whole family. My 6-year-old daughter and I are even getting ready to do classes together to tell other mommies how she uses her oils.”

Now that Jen is home with her family, she is working toward new goals of travel freedom, financial freedom, and making sure their children maintain their quality education through high school. Her doTERRA experience has given her a new perspective on what she can accomplish, and she continues to press forward and show others that are feeling stuck that there is always a way into something greater. Jen says, “Though getting to the position of Diamond was work, the freedom that it has given me and my family has been more than I could have asked for.”




“Never stop following up with people unless they say no. Follow-ups are really just staying in touch with the needs of the people you’ve sampled, staying in touch with the needs of the people around you, and then nurturing those relationships.”


“Sometimes you don’t want to follow up with them and talk about doTERRA. Sometimes you want to follow up with them and ask about how their month is going. That, to me, is keeping in contact with everybody.”


“I maintain all of my follow-ups on a spreadsheet so that I know who I talk to, when I talk to them, how often I talk to them, and who is still in my pipeline. I add and take away from it all of the time. That way I can track how I’m keeping up with people.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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