A Global Reach

Em Falconbridge

“Everywhere I go, I just love to sprinkle oils. It creates light and happiness for me, because I just love sharing these oils with people.” 

After Em’s upline helped her get to an Elite retreat, she came home with a new vision for herself. She says, “I was so inspired to change our family’s financial situation that I made a goal to become a Diamond in a year. After the retreat, I dove into building my business, and I haven’t stopped going full-speed since.” Em’s team has grown extensively since then, and she has even branched outside of the United States to her home country of Australia to start an abundant business there among some of her best friends. Now, half of her team is in the United States and half in Australia.

Though Em’s team is split between two countries, they have something unique that binds them together—oils and creativity. Em says, “Creativity is definitely one of my strengths and my leaders’ strengths. We come from creative backgrounds where we’re artists or makers, so we really think creatively and outside of the box to help support people on our team who are coming up with blocks.” This fostering of creativity gives Em and her teammates a way to embrace their talents, have fun, and positively share essential oils with others.

On the surface, Em has been able to make and sustain deep and lasting relationships, use her gifts for creativity, and reconnect with Australia, but underneath it all, she has experienced much more than that. She says, “doTERRA has changed my emotional well-being. I now have something that I just feel happy to go out and talk about. I have a huge tribe of people who need me and people in Bali that I can continue to help. This experience has brought my family closer together and has given us opportunities to do things that we couldn’t do before. I’m excited for all that the future holds.” 



Before I began doTERRA, one of my front-line leaders and I started a women’s cooperative in Bali. We’d been running women’s retreats there for several years with the purpose of giving local women the opportunity to make items that could be sold so that they could earn money. We would have them make bags and clothes, and I would go and sell them at craft fairs. This gave these women the opportunity to have a beautiful and happy way of earning an income from home. 

Once I started doTERRA, we had them make bags and items that were useful for the oils. We’ve been able to create an abundant business for these women because now my whole team buys these bags in bulk to use them as gifts and incentives for their customers. It’s created a great business for some very dear women in Bali.

We’ve also been bringing oils into the village there and helping them learn how to use them to manage their health. It is my hope to do more of this in their community. This has been a really big part of my journey with doTERRA. I’m excited that alongside growing my business and changing my family situation, we can really do some great things for the local people in Bali.

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