The Healing Power of Belief

Don & Cindy Brown

“I knew that if I totally committed and became teachable and coachable, I’d be able to hit Diamond and beyond.”

Another of Cindy’s motivating beliefs is service. She says, “With doTERRA, I wake up every day and strive to become a strong servant leader. I ask myself the question, ‘Who can I serve today?’ I seek out people who are searching for wellness.” Cindy’s ability to put others before herself allows her to feel a greater connection to her work, and gives her the perspective to genuinely look for the needs of others.

Having worked for 15 years as a professional photographer while raising a large family of her own, Cindy appreciated the full vision of doTERRA. She was keenly aware of the hours and challenges that it took to build and maintain a successful photography business while tending to the needs of her family. At 51, she never thought she would be looking at another career until she began to share the oils. She soon realized that this was an opportunity to bring others financial health as well as physical and emotional health. She says, “I honestly believe doTERRA’s direct sales plan is inspired. It helps us become the best version of ourselves. It compels us to help everyone around us become successful in every aspect of their lives.”

Cindy’s husband, Don, has been a strong believer in her. He encourages her on the journey, and he contributes to the success of their business. Cindy says, “My husband has recently joined in, helping me strategize the business building. He helps many people reach their Power of 3 bonus. It is wonderful to have his full support and an extra set of eyes to catch the details. The day we can retire Don from his job, which demands a lot of travel and time away from home, is on the horizon, and it is just a part of the impetus for continuing to move forward.”

Cindy’s path to Diamond opened her to a great self-discovery that extends past the physical rewards. She says, “Building doTERRA allowed me to face my own fears, take courage, and overcome many of my personal weaknesses. I knew that if I totally committed and became teachable and coachable, I’d be able to hit Diamond and beyond. I have already become a much better version of myself. I love the people around me with a much greater depth. Apart from my family, there is truly nothing greater in my life than what doTERRA has given me. It has allowed an opening of self-discovery and empowerment that I want every person to be able to experience.”



“Belief is everything. If any of your beliefs aren’t serving you, ask yourself, ‘Am I willing to see this differently?’ Search for a new perspective that empowers you.”


“Prepare, invite, present, enroll, support, and repeat. Take action daily, and duplicate the process with fellow builders. Use the tools readily available to you—it’s absolutely key.”


“Use every detail of the Live, Share, Build guides that doTERRA provides. Learn to see through others’ eyes, meet them where they’re at, and grow from there.”


“Make the decision to succeed, and then, take action. Stay close to your mentor. Stay close to the fire, and you’ll remain ignited and refueled.”

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