Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

Dirk VanDerzee & Maree Cottam

Presidential Diamond Tips


“Presidential Diamond is a whole, committed team and leader effort. It’s about being a large influence for thousands. Having a Presidential Diamond team is having unity—a oneness toward everyone’s higher goals.”


“Choose it, and go for it! See yourself making it happen. Visualize yourself on the cover of the magazine, and visualize reaching Presidential Diamond, knowing it is for anyone who wants it. We all have it in us.”


“Be consistent in just a few things. Consistently hold classes, events, one-on-ones, wellness consults, membership overviews, and work toward getting people enrolled. Then, do that process over and over and over and over again.”


“I really believe that what creates momentum is loving on people with the oils. Create powerful relationships. It is important to get oils on people to let them experience the oils so that they can have those ah-ha moments that many of us have had. That creates a movement.”

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