The Change after the Trial

Darren & Kim Smadis

“Keep believing in yourself. Life is too short to play small in this world—play big!”

them to the power of Deep Blue®, which became a staple in their home. Kim’s husband, Darren, converted to the oils after an influential experience with DigestZen®, and joined Kim in the business. Kim and Darren now work side-by-side managing different aspects of the business and inspiring their team to achieve their potential.

One of the most important aspects of Kim and Darren’s business is helping people believe in themselves and make the most of each opportunity. They do this by establishing a culture of community and teamwork. Kim says, “Most of my team lives close together, so we put a lot of work into getting together and supporting each other. Whether members are on the same leg or opposite legs, none of that matters. We truly want to see each other be successful, and many people feel that they have finally found a community where they can be themselves. I often hear from my builders and my team that people start the business because they have a big Why, but they stay for the community that we’ve created.”

Being able to help others become successful and believe in themselves is a dream come true for Kim and Darren. This opportunity has given them the ability to make a difference in so many lives and within the walls of their own home. Kim says, “doTERRA has changed how we function as a family. I used to work for eight to nine hours and then come home, and the way I looked at, that’s when I would start living my life. When we started doTERRA, we sat down as a family, and I talked to the boys about what it would require and how everyone would have to help each other to make it work. We became a family. My work life and my business are no longer separate from my family. We do this together.” 


Plan classes in advance.

“You have to decide how many classes and how much time you want to dedicate in a month. Plan those classes, and get those time slots blocked off in your calendar.”

Invite people.

 “Make a nice flyer that lists all of your upcoming classes so that you can hand it out to people. The more options they see, the easier it is for them to find a class to attend.”

Follow up.

 “Follow up with each person. Make sure you text them before the event to see if they are coming.” 

Teach the class.

 “I teach people in my organization a very clear structure on how to run a class—how to do your opening within two to five minutes, how you teach the class, how to share personal stories, and how to ask for the sale. The mechanics of the class can make all of the difference.” 

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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