The Joyful Journey

Craig & Tess Godfrey

It was a lightning-through-the-body, goose-bump-raising moment when Tess Godfrey saw her friend’s Facebook post about essential oils. She says, “I just knew I had to have the oils in my life. I didn’t need to smell or experience them to know that I was onto something very special.” Right away, Tess contacted her friend and signed up with a Home Essentials kit, and when her kit arrived, so had more goosebumps.

Tess had been familiar with essential oils for a long time, but she felt an instant connection with the doTERRA oils that impressed her. When doTERRA came into her life, Tess was already a natural health educator and owned a successful private naturopathy clinic where she practiced full-time as a Bioresonance Naturopath and Reconnective Healing Therapist. With such a busy schedule at the clinic, she had no intention of starting a doTERRA business, but instead, used the oils extensively at home.

After Tess experienced many benefits of the oils at home with her family, she gradually began to use essential oils in her clinic and even handed out samples for her patients to try. Tess says, “After 16 months of handing out samples and selling mostly retail to my patients, I realized I wasn’t doing them or myself any favors. That’s when I invited them to open a wholesale account and to take full responsibility for their doTERRA use and education.”

This brought a new level of enjoyment to Tess’s life as she saw how the oils and business opportunity created healthier and happier people. She says, “I am motivated by the amazing results and positive outcomes my family, my patients, and oil users around the world have experienced with these oils and supplements. I keep sharing because people become improved versions of themselves when they engage with essential oils. The oils facilitate life progress. 


“We have never set our vision on any rank advancement. The rank is something that happens organically as a result of doing what we love, and our focus is always on the people. It wasn’t a decision to go for Diamond—it was a natural and organic progression and result of the process.”

I share because it brings me joy, and I am motivated by anything that makes me happy.”

Tess’s passion for the oils and her experience have touched many lives, including her family. Her two children, Keagan and Gené, use and share the oils on a regular basis, and her husband, Craig, even joined her in the business once he realized the wonderful opportunities that were available to them. Craig’s contribution to the business has been monumental. Aside from sharing business tasks such as trainings, team business calls, followups, one-on-ones, and workshops, Craig created a semi-automated business structure with IT integration, a website, and a Facebook support group that have helped drive the business forward.

Though both Tess and Craig continue to work full-time at their jobs, on top of their doTERRA business, they have found that their busy life still flows in a connected and beautiful way that offers them great joy. Tess says, “I am happier, healthier, and wealthier than ever before. I value the freedom to choose how I spend my day and who I would like to spend time with, to be creative, and to be inspired. It has brought me new friends and a new connection with my life-long partner. Craig and I have found in doTERRA a shared passion and a shared vision. It has brought so much joy into our family, and we have been ‘paying the gratitude forward’ to others since the start of this journey. We are partners in sharing this joyfulness.”


“Keep your committed builders on your frontline as they come along.”

“Build in depth to rank advance and gain momentum.”

“Concentrate on supporting each leg to Elite before building a second and third leg.” 

“Keep family close to your frontline. It’s a wonderful feeling to have family share in the business successes and grow the business together.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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