Byron & Renee Twilley

“Live the product, live the wellness philosophy, and emanate what you believe in without letting anyone or anything waver your course toward success.”


journey. They say, “We both do equal parts in the business. We have roles and boundaries in place so we don’t double up, and we do what we enjoy doing and what we’re good at. But we can also fill the shoes of one another and take on each other’s roles if need be.” By working as a team, they have mutually built a business that caters to their situations and allows for flexibility to enjoy life and limit worries. The Twilley’s upline and downline are also at the heart of their success. They say, “Our team is so hugely supportive that without them, we wouldn’t have reached Diamond. We receive so much in return from our team for all that we give them. They work hard, share from the heart, and are a creative and clever group of people.” Byron and Renee’s chance encounter with Max and Cherie has significantly altered their lives for the better. Rather than settling, they took control of their destinies and have become exemplary advocates for health and wellness. They say, “We have found something that we both share a passion for, can work together on, and get financially rewarded for. We now have the time and space to be able to both effectively parent our baby girl and give her the affection and opportunities we previously wouldn’t have been able to provide if we continued in our previous careers. This moment, now, and the future are very enjoyable and promising.”


“Wellness Advocates should approach the business with as much fun and enjoyment as possible.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to hit rank and reach goals. Goals are important, but make them realistic and achievable. It’s very hard to see how the business can be hugely rewarding in the beginning, but rather than focus on how much you’re earning, focus on how you can best serve others, enjoy the process, and make your business duplicable.”

“The key to successful follow-ups is to connect with people as people

Ask them questions, without being too intrusive, and find how you can best serve them. What are their interests? What are their needs? What are their health concerns? What are they interested in finding out more information about?”

“When structuring, focus on building by rank whilst gaining Power of 3 for yourself and teaching it to others.

Always create groups of people that will help, support, and grow together. Don’t patch holes to make rank when it isn’t the right fit for the person. This is a people business, and we need to make sure placements are made in the best interest of the people involved.”

“The other key element to a successful follow-up is to just do it.

Not doing it doesn’t help. Pick up the phone or communicate with the client through their preferred method—just do it. There is way more harm in not doing it rather than doing it poorly. All we do is learn and get better each time.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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