The Millennial

Brooke Vreeman

“Most jobs out there are cutthroat and competitive. That’s not the nature of doTERRA, and that’s something that I love. It’s about helping everyone succeed and reach their goals.”

being with my team and my leaders. Where they have people, I go. Being able to sit down with them, look them in the eyes, answer their questions, and be there, available to help them with the oils, is huge for me.”

Though Brooke is young, her team supports her just as she supports them, and they are learning from her just as she is learning from them. One of Brooke’s key points of advice is to be open and teachable. She says, “Listen to people who have done it before you; they know how it works, and they have seen success. Don’t try to recreate the wheel, just listen to them. Be teachable and be open.”

Brooke has come a long way from her cubicle in Washington, D.C., and the journey has been harder, yet more fulfilling, than she could have ever imagined. Long before doTERRA, Brooke’s ultimate dream was to marry a wonderful man and raise a happy family, and while that dream is still there, her doTERRA experience has opened her to more dreams and gratifying experiences. She says, “I’m looking forward to the day that God brings along the right man for me and he slips that diamond on my finger, but for now, I am more than content and so blessed to actually be a doTERRA Diamond. I am living my life, growing myself, and preparing financially for my future dreams. It is one of the best things that I have ever done. My hope is to help other millennials see that they, too, can take care of themselves, be independent and successful, and have it all.” 



“You are representing the company in what you do, so go out each day and be happy and friendly, and strike up conversations with people. Be someone you would be drawn to, and then, share the oils with others.”


“It is important to find out what people need support with and to help them have an experience with the oils. Being able to share those oils so that people can get an experience that brings relief, positive change, or something that benefits them makes the difference. It’s when someone has that kind of experience with the oils that they never let them go and become lifelong doTERRA oil users.”


“When people get started with the oils and enroll, that’s not the end, that’s the beginning. It’s great that they got started and chose to make doTERRA a part of their lives, but that is when we really get to work. We need to help educate them, be available for them, and teach them how to use these oils and how the oils can benefit them and their families, co-workers, and loved ones.”

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