Making Dreams

Anne Calhoun

“No matter what your strength is, no matter what your personality is, you have to get oils on people. You have to open the bottle.”

thinking it was going to be one big hoax with a bunch of weird people, but Leadership showed me that what I was doing was noteworthy, and I loved everyone from the minute I got off the plane. These were my people.”

This experience inspired Anne and her husband to reevaluate their business plan, and from then on, Anne was teaching multiple classes a week. Now, Anne has created a strong team, and her frontline leaders live within 10 miles of her, giving her team the freedom to collaborate and work together often.

Anne and her team’s success have opened many doors for Anne and her husband that they once believed were locked. Before they started doTERRA, they didn’t focus on dreams because they didn’t want to set themselves up for disappointment, but now, they have broken that mold, created dreams, and achieved them. Her husband even left his full-time job to be an entrepreneur and own a business, something that he has always wanted to do.

With so many exciting changes and blessings, Anne is hopeful for all that the future holds. Anne says, “We now have dreams, and I want to take what we’ve been given and help other people have dreams too. Instead of just surviving life, we are creating our lives. It’s beyond what I ever thought would happen.”



“Try to individualize each person’s oil journey. Just like we have different personalities, we all learn differently. We should teach in a way that will connect with the individual.”


“Always have an answer that will politely, yet boldly explain that essential oils are a part of your life so that it is easy for you to talk to people about the oils.”


“Part of personal development is learning more about yourself. The more you know about yourself, the more secure you are, and the more you realize what your strengths and weaknesses are. The more you’re aware of your strengths, the more you can function with your strengths.”

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