A Compassionate Focus

Elena Brower

“I have been so pleasantly surprised by the level of community and compassion that I have been able to foster within and around myself through this business.”



“The business goes up and down like anything else. It’s important to just stay present for the waves that come without judging yourself or anyone else. People come and go. Things happen. There’s always a solution, and staying calm really helps.”


“My community of upline, crossline, and downline leaders—I consider them all a part of my family. I make it very personal. I’m in very frequent contact with them, and it nurtures me as much as it nurtures them. The feedback and responsiveness I receive from them is to my advantage.”


“Your team is looking up to you. It’s your job to inspire your team with very creative solutions to questions and issues, like figuring out how to work around someone who isn’t working. There’s always a solution and the creativity with which you approach the issue means everything.”


“For example, booking classes early in the month or in the month prior is a really constructive use of your time. Make sure that what you’re doing is revenue-generating, even if it’s a long view. The architecture and structure of what you’re doing is as important as the spaciousness.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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