Walk Alongside

Pete & Carrie Vitt

“Don’t sell, educate. Teach people how to use essential oils and how they’re going to be beneficial in their lives.”

For Carrie, it made sense to mostly build online, since she had already built her online business over eight years. She says, “I had built some trust with my readers over those years. They know my story and they come to me for health and food advice. It made sense to head in that direction.”

Carrie was motivated to reach Diamond to help her husband, Pete, who recently retired from the military. She successfully reached Diamond eight weeks before he retired, and now he has more options with what he wants to do with his career. Also, their children are teenagers, and driving and college are right around the corner, so Carrie is excited she’ll be able to help support her family in that way as well. Beyond that, she says, “I want these oils in people’s homes. I want them to understand that they can be used as a tool alongside diet and lifestyle.”

Whereas before Carrie felt a little separated from her readers, she now has been able to connect with them on a much more personal level through doTERRA. She says, “Now I’m friends with them and helping them build businesses. Now, I encourage them and walk alongside them. That’s been a real game-changer for me, and I really appreciate that doTERRA has given me that opportunity.”


Make connections.

“My team is all over the world. I’ve never met most of my leaders in person because I’ve built all of this online. I’ve started doing zoom calls to make more connections than you can through emails or the phone.”

Find leaders.

“I was bringing in so many people, then I realized I needed leaders. I looked at who was on LRP and was coming to the weekly calls with my upline and contacted them to see if they were interested in the business opportunity. It worked really well.”

Solve problems.

“I don’t sell essential oils online, I educate and solve people’s problems. You have to show people what’s in it for them. If you’re not giving them a tool that will be beneficial in their lives, they’re not going to pay attention.”

Keep it simple.

“All you have to do for a successful class is share your personal story, explain a little about the oils, share some of the favorites, and explain how doTERRA is like a Costco membership. You don’t need bells and whistles, just make it real and personal.”

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