Counting on Your

Jennifer Kourtei

“This business helps me show my kids that you can do anything you want. It’s given me an actual dream and vision that is happening.”

very grateful that doTERRA makes such an effort to be compliant. It helps me educate people about maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a safe way.”

Now, Jennifer is able to pay cash for her education and has been able to get out of debt for her student loans. She says, “This has given me freedom in my life to be able to still stay at home and do the things that are important to me—to still be a mom, student, teacher, and build this amazing team of people. It just fell into place. I feel like it was meant to be.” She will be graduating this fall in criminal law and forensics, but she is addicted to doing doTERRA. She says, “doTERRA has given me the ability to be independent and know that I can take care of myself and my kids. It gives me something to get up for every single day outside of my family. I know that other people count on me, and I can genuinely make their day better.”


Some need to get creative.

“I have a lot of Wellness Advocates that follow me who are looking for a different way to do the business. They are not able to do in-person, traditional classes for various reasons and they need more creative options.”

Find people all over the world.

“I like being able to connect with people in the company and show them that there’s a different way. It’s possible. There are so many people out in this world to connect with—on Facebook alone there are two billion.”

Teach more people at once.

“My page in a week reaches over 300,000 people. Can you imagine talking in front of an audience of 300,000 people? It’s astounding to be able to teach that many people. I know I’m making a difference.”

Reach the unreachable.

“Many people who don’t know advocates that are local to them turn to Facebook. I have people on my page who live on 700-acre ranches in Texas. They would never be able to attend a class, but have access to doTERRA through social media.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See the doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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