An Unexpected Ride

Ryan & Beth Phillips


Beth says, “We’ve seen what a blessing this can be to people’s lives. We want to help our builders grow and reach their goals. We want them to find the level of success that brings joy to their families.”

She knows everyone in doTERRA loves to learn about essential oils, but the most important thing she’s learned is how to improve herself. She says, “It’s been a crazy, unexpected ride. I heard somewhere that you never want to see on your tombstone, ‘She had so much potential.’ What doTERRA has done for me is make me get out there and do things I never thought I could do and become someone I never thought I could become.”


Raise your leadership ability.

“Personal development plays a bigger part in this business than I ever imagined. This isn’t a solo endeavor, so whatever you want to accomplish is restricted by your ability to lead others. In order to increase your effectiveness, you have to raise your leadership ability."

Invest in and grow yourself.

“If you’re looking to hit the higher ranks and go all the way, you have to invest in yourself and grow as a person. As you grow, your business grows. They’re totally intertwined. The only way you’re going to get better is by finding the spots where you’re weak and working on them.”

Take the time to learn the skills.

“They don’t teach network marketing in school, so these are skills that have to be learned. Taking time to do that is going to have the biggest impact on your business. Your head knowledge doesn’t matter if you can’t lead a group of people.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See the doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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