Change to Spare

Drs. Bradley & Jennifer Keys


That’s when Melody said, ‘Hey, you seem pretty miserable right now. Have you ever thought about doing doTERRA as a business that can actually replace your income?’ And I said, ‘No, but I probably should.’”

The more she looked into it, the more Jennifer saw that she had no option but to do something like doTERRA. She and her husband, Bradley, are both chiropractors and, without doTERRA, they would be paying off student loans for the rest of their lives. She says, “We both want to be able to practice chiropractic because we love to, not because we’re so financially strapped that we need to.” That desire motivated her to push to Diamond, and she succeeded.

Today, Jennifer and Bradley have moved to the Virgin Islands, fulfilling a dream of Jennifer’s, and hope to one day save enough to start their own private chiropractic practice without any debt. Jennifer says, “doTERRA has changed my life financially, but it has changed who I am the most. If doTERRA hadn’t been the catalyst to open up my eyes to personal development and the power of manifesting, I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today.”



“Work on up-leveling yourself and manifesting what you want. Some of us are natural leaders, but I don’t believe that most of us are—and you have to be a leader. You have to be vibrating high so you can attract people. Only when you attract people can you help them so they can help you and help more people in turn.”


“Someone who is on a level three is not going to attract someone who is a 10. If you want to attract a 10-out-of-10 kind of person to your business, you have to be an 11. We have to be naturally seeking to better ourselves and surround ourselves with better people. When I up-leveled myself is when I started attracting committed builders.”


“You have to be a little bit of a life coach. A lot of people don’t succeed in this business purely due to their limiting beliefs. You have to help people break through that and you have to get through your own stuff in order to do that. The products are great across the board, and everyone has access to many resources. The only deciding factor is belief.”


“Talk people through their limiting beliefs. Sometimes just identifying what is going on is enough. A lot of times people don’t even realize what they’re feeling or why they’re not moving forward. Just changing their perspective makes a big difference. Sometimes it takes a while, and sometimes just one conversation can reframe their thoughts.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See the doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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