An Oasis

Dr. Sandra Hanna

“Instead of finding excuses, find a way.”

Sometimes people on her team think they can’t succeed because they aren’t experienced chiropractors like she is. Sandra says, “I just remind them that there are no chiropractors that are Presidential Diamonds right now. A lot of people that are at the top of doTERRA are not doctors. They’re just regular people that have the same vision and dream. They made a plan, they had a good vision and why, and they got it done.”

She knows she will never stop her work as a chiropractor and acupuncturist, but doTERRA now makes her work possible. She says, “doTERRA gives me the ability to practice the way I want to practice without financial constraint. It allows me to take vacations and spend more time with my family and still get paid.” She also hopes to use the funds doTERRA gives her to expand her wellness center. “I want to make it even bigger and better for the people who are caught up in Orange County’s fast-paced society. I want to make it an oasis for people to be able to revive and rejuvenate themselves.”

Sandra has seen that building a doTERRA business has made her a better person in all aspects. She says, “You can’t be the same person that you started as in your doTERRA journey. I’m now a better leader, boss, chiropractor, businesswoman, and health-care professional.”

Sharing doTERRA with Health-Centered Businesses

Show the symbiosis.

“I love working with other chiropractors and other people in the health care and fitness world. doTERRA has an easy symbiosis with their businesses.”

Share examples.

“I know what works for these businesses because I’m doing it myself. They can just walk into my office and see how I do my retail and my classes.”

Highlight discounts.

“In many ways, doTERRA is just another supplement company they can sell in their office, only it gives great discounts and points for loyalty that other companies don’t.”

Teach how to share.

“I teach them to still make sure they’re putting their clients first and not looking at them with big dollar signs on their foreheads. We just give them an opportunity with authenticity and compassion.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See the doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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