Moved by Heart

Lisa Wilson

“It brings me great fulfillment to influence lives.”

She says, “When I first started mentioning the business opportunity, people would look at me and their eyes would light up and I could see that they were thinking, ‘You mean I could do what you do and I could make money at this?’” She regrets the people who missed out during the time when she didn’t share the financial difference doTERRA could make in their lives. “Financial freedom changes people’s lives as profoundly as the oils do in many ways.”

As an entrepreneur, Lisa spent many years without a salary. Though her institute brought in a lot of money, it also cost a lot. But, she says, “An entrepreneur is someone who is with it for the long haul.” Her experience has taught her to appreciate how easy doTERRA makes it—the company provides a website, a warehouse, shipping, and marketing materials. “It’s a ‘done-for-you’ business and you get to do what you do best, which is educate people on the oils.”


Find the committed

“We’re starting contracts in my whole organization. They don’t have to sign them, but these contracts are for those who want to go on the first track. This is how they get access to private mentoring, upline teaching classes for them, and getting enrollments placed under them.”

Get them excited

“My frontline and I only have so many hours in the day and we can only mentor a certain number of people, and this system ensures these privileges go to the most active people. This gets people excited because there are a lot of us and we’re all going for the goal together.”

Love everyone

“If people aren’t interested in going for the goal, that’s great. We’re still going to love them and meet them where they are. It changes nothing about how I feel about them. But, this way, those who want to are able to let us know.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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