Leader Q&A

Peter & Susie Bagwell, Blue Diamonds

You asked, they answered. We took your most pressing questions about the business and asked some of our top doTERRA leaders for their advice from their years of experience.

How do you explain the oils, enrolling, LRP, etc. to someone without overwhelming them?

Spending time with new members is critical to helping them understand the components to being a successful Wellness Advocate, but most people can’t handle it all at once, so break it up. We tend to start off with the oils and get them to enroll. Give them just enough information about their membership and LRP so that they know what it is, but save the next level of detail for a follow-up session.

How do you spot new leaders?

New leaders are typically already looking for something, are usually familiar with either the product or the business, and tend to be hungry for success. However, be careful when trying to determine if someone is looking for success. Most people equate success with financial rewards, but many of our leaders have a cause or mission to help people outside of the financial world. Perhaps they have children and tend to lead their group of friends in solutions for baby care or play dates. Some may have overcome a serious challenge in their life and are dedicated to helping others through similar challenges. These people make great leaders.

How do you get past the moments of feeling stuck in your business when you are trying so hard? How do you help encourage your leaders if you are feeling this way?

When we moved from Michigan to Florida, we quickly realized there were no pot holes in the road. Suddenly, a smooth ride down the road is something we came to expect. Now when we come across the occasional road crater, we laugh it off and can’t believe how we used to let them rattle us nearly every day. As you hit a challenge, take it in stride and remember it’s par for the course. We’ve all hit these bumps in the road, and we all end up better off because of the experience. We help our team with our experiences of what is was like when we were there, and the need to keep looking ahead. Be innovative! This should be a fun ride! A few pot holes in the road shouldn’t take you out of the race,

What is a good strategy to keep your team engaged, involved, and excited about the product as well as education opportunities and business building?

We recently started wearing some purple T-shirts that say, “Awesome.” Most of our team responds with happy surprise when they see them, but it always leads to a positive discussion and ideas about how they can make their day awesome. Our recent weekly call focused on lessons learned from Star Wars and how they can be used in our business. The point is, when working with your team, it is critically important to keep things light and fun. Yes, there are some serious discussions we have to have, but after that, wipe some frosting on their nose and draw a smiley face on their dirty bumper. Always talk up to your downline, and if you need to, talk down to your upline. Try to share something new about one of our great products, turn it into a story, and share it more than once so that it sinks in with your whole team. Stories resonate well with everyone and tend to get passed on many times over. They are a powerful tool that gets people involved. If you can keep it light and fun, the force will be with you, always.

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