Balance: It's Like Riding a Bike

John & Mandy Sommers


After her dad was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden, a condition that increases your chances of developing abnormal blood clots, Mandy Sommers discovered that she and her children had inherited the same condition. That made it all the more important for her and her family to live a healthy lifestyle, so she started a triathlon team. She participated in many races and trained others to do so as well. Over time, this team turned into an international community that connected online.

It was her sister’s friend who first told Mandy she should join doTERRA. Mandy was resistant until her mom got involved. Because of her dad’s illness, her mom had to support the family, and Mandy saw that by participating in doTERRA she could help support her mom. She agreed to hold a class with her triathlon team, and was surprised by all that she learned. She enrolled and hit Elite that month.

Pretty soon, Mandy saw that she would be able to hit Diamond. She attended convention and got really excited, and started pushing her team to help her reach her goal. Mandy says, “For more than three months I was building as fast as I could. I said I was going to be Diamond by the next convention. I wasn’t listening to my team and I wasn’t listening to my body.”

That March, she had a stroke. She couldn’t walk straight, she couldn’t balance on a bicycle, and she was forced to relearn a lot of things physically. It took about a year for her to recover enough to really get back into her doTERRA business. She says, “It was actually the greatest blessing because it made me step back and realize that I have to be balanced in my life and my business.” She knew that she still wanted to be Diamond, but she had to do it at her own pace.

Mandy discovered with triathlons that she loved helping people change and succeed, and she gets to do just that with doTERRA. She says, “My favorite doTERRA product is the freedom it provides.” Just as she used to cheer on her friends when they crossed the finish line, she now gets to cheer on her team as they find their way to freedom. “doTERRA has been so healing emotionally for me. It’s taught me how to be more loving and effective in my everyday life, and I want to share that with my leaders. I want them to feel that empowerment and how awesome it is to be a part of the doTERRA Diamonds.”


Conserve your energy.

“In the beginning, I would teach for anyone who wanted me at a class anywhere. If they were interested, I would throw all my energy into them. If people’s goals didn’t align with mine, I ended up putting a lot of energy into them, but they were not putting energy into me as well. Basically, they were using my energy to fuel their business.”

Align your goals.

“What I needed to do was evaluate people’s clear vision and goals. I learned to align myself with people who will actually do the work with me and not have me do the work for them. It’s hard when you know that an area will grow if you put energy into it, but it’s going to be lopsided if the person you’re helping is not committed to the business.”

Combine your efforts

“Now, I make a map of what it’s going to take to get to the next rank, and then I go through the lines and choose people who are active and enrolling, and I work with them. This way, we put our efforts together instead of me trying to tackle it all by myself. If I focus on specific legs who align with me and what my goals are, then we both succeed.”

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