A Life of Greatness

John & Caroline Lee

“The real work is seeing the potential in your team and helping them recognize the greatness that resides in them. When you learn how to do that, the sky is the limit.” –John

Be patient and find that builder, then run with them and show them how much you believe in them. It’s so much easier.”

Now that they have bought into the mission of doTERRA, they know that they are far from done. John says, “We’re not at the top of the mountain yet.” Caroline adds, “We’ve just scratched the surface of that mission with hitting Diamond, so I don’t think we’ll ever stop.” They’re grateful for the security doTERRA has given them, and the opportunity for both of them to be fully present in their children’s lives.

Their lives have now surpassed what they thought possible. Caroline says, “I was content to live in this little bubble of what I thought I was capable of. I think one of the greatest rewards of this business is I get to see outside of that and realize that there are so many other things that I can do and achieve.” John adds, “We were content with a life of mediocrity, and now we have the opportunity to have a life of greatness.”


Rely on Strengths.

“When John quit his job, it was hard to define who was going to do what in the doTERRA business. We realized that he doesn’t need to be me and I don’t need to be him. We can rely on each other’s strengths as the platform for us to jump off of.” –Caroline

Provide Value.

“I learned how to do everything so that I could be of value to our team, even though to this day Caroline does most of it better than I do. We had to grow and I was the missing link to help us get to the next level, and it’s OK that my wife is better at some things than I am. I can still provide value and help our team grow.” –John

Be Present.

“Because I was the only one doing the business in the beginning, I struggled with keeping the balance between doTERRA, our family, and my other commitments. I felt like I would always be at one thing and wish I was at the other. I always felt torn. I had to learn how to separate that and be 100 percent present where I am.” –Caroline

Own Your Time.

“Family is a priority for us, and we can keep it that way because we own our schedule. If you’re willing to take ownership of the time that you have and be really diligent about scheduling it, then you’re free. Then you have control of your time.” –John

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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