A New Legacy

Jesse & Breanne Houston

“I try hard to be an example to my team by doing the things that I want them to do. That way they know the path that’s ahead of them.”

She loves that they will be able to grow up with essential oils in their home. She says, “I’m excited to see how it will trickle down and duplicate, not only in my business, but in my family’s life and legacy.” She has seen her confidence increase as she’s able to support her family not only financially, but with their health.

Now, her family will have the freedom to make decisions for what they want in life and to give freely to others. She has created relationships with her team that will last a lifetime, and doTERRA is all she can talk about. She says, “Now I’m an oil lady. I can’t have a conversation with anyone without talking about oils.”


Lofty vs. Realistic Goals

“I have a lofty goal timeline and a realistic goal timeline. The lofty goal makes me uncomfortable and excited, but the realistic goal protects my heart. I do everything I possibly can to reach my lofty goal, but if I don’t hit it, it’s OK. It’s just not the right timing for me, but I know I’ll get there eventually if I keep plugging along.”

Their Timeline, Not Yours

“I’ve learned that I have to help my builders identify their own timeline and their own why and not have them go on mine. Otherwise, I’ll just be beating my head against a wall. If they don’t believe they’re going to do it, they won’t. When it is their goal and timeline, there will be no stopping them. I have to help them get there.”

Endless Possibilities

“I always ask people, ‘What do you want to do with your life? Why are you so afraid? Why aren’t you going out and doing it?’ The reality is that hitting Elite is not that hard, but we make it hard. We need to help people address that so they can get out of their own way. If they believe the possibilities are endless, they’ll go for it.”

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