Jenna Rammell

“I know I would never be who I am today without this journey.”

When Jenna Rammell was first introduced to doTERRA, she told her husband, Andrew, that she would just try buying essential oils for one month and if they didn’t help their family she would never buy them again. She says, “We’ve bought them every month since, so it’s clear they’ve impacted our lives and our health more than I initially anticipated.”

She had always been into holistic nutrition and wellness, so doTERRA aligned well with her lifestyle. For four years, Jenna shared the oils freely and referred people to everyone else but herself. Then, Jenna’s sister-in-law, Sarah Vansteenkiste, approached her about getting involved in the business. Jenna already had a huge social media following that she could take advantage of, but she had no desire to make money from the oils.

Finally, Sarah invited her to convention, and there Jenna realized that the mission of doTERRA aligned with her own. She says, “I have such a heart to give and serve, and saw how doTERRA empowers women all over the world both with an at-home business and in the third world countries that harvest the plants for these essential oils. I felt so connected and inspired by that.”

Jenna was Premier at that convention, but didn’t really know what that rank meant. From that point, she committed to the business and built to Diamond in 13 months. Because of her already successful blog, she was able to build exclusively online. This has been a blessing because she hasn’t had to leave her family to travel a lot and she has been able to create friendships she is grateful for. She says, “Social media has been such a blessing in my life, not just because it built this business, but on a personal level as well. I have met some of my best friends, including women who I would have not known otherwise.”

Sometimes people look at Jenna’s online presence and think they can’t be successful because they don’t have the following she does. She says, “Most Diamonds haven’t built the business this way. I’ve built online, but that’s not what this requires. Regardless of which avenue you take to Diamond, we all have to do the work. How we get there looks different and comes with its own unique set of challenges, but the dedication required is the same.” She makes sure to facilitate her team’s ability to build the business in whatever way they desire and encourages a pathway that is true to them.

She is amazed now at how much her life has changed. She says, “Having a secondary income has blessed our lives in many ways, but even more than that is the feeling of purpose and empowerment I have as a mom and entrepreneur. I feel like in this last year I have grown more as a person than I ever have in my entire life.”



“When building online, it takes a lot of work to make a connection with someone. It’s a different challenge to have them trust you to enroll and mentor them when they’ve never met you. You have to put more effort into communicating and educating and showing them you genuinely care."


“I’ve been blessed to find leaders that are ready and willing to accept long-distance mentorship. I’ve made it a point to cultivate a culture where I will support and teach them, but they have to do the work for themselves. I think it has created independent leaders who are self-motivated and willing to create massive action.”


“I started building after doTERRA was already educating us on compliance, so our team has built online in an education-based way that is focused on safety, and I think people respect that. Speaking compliantly resonates with more people and shows that we are educated and concerned about safety.”


“Be generous about your education. Share regardless of whether someone is in or out of your team. What I have put out has come back to me more than I could have imagined. When you have a giving heart and live a life of abundance, people will see that and want to be a part of it.”

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