Calling Fulfilled

Dan & Amy Thyng

“We’re doing this at the pace that God is allowing in our lives, and we’re content and happy with the direction it’s going.”

my calling in life.” She is able to stay home and fit the business into her life rather than fitting her life around her work, and she loves seeing the lives of the people in her community change because of the oils.

Her oldest son, Tyler, passed away when he was four. Amy says, “It was very sudden and very traumatic. He is our firstborn and he would be 12 now. As a mom, it’s very stressful and hard to live having had that experience in my life.” Today, she has comfort knowing that the oils are helping to maintain her children’s health. “That’s why I want everyone in the world to know about them.”



“When we were in Papa New Guinea as missionaries, we learned to sacrifice ourselves and be flexible all the time. We were living in a third world country and people were at our door night and day with all kinds of needs. You have to help them, be there for them, and put their needs above your own.”


“I think the same thing applies with anything in life, but especially with doTERRA. It’s important to be flexible and available to be a servant to others. Take the time, because when you’re willing to arrange your schedule to meet with someone, they’re going to see that and know that you really do care about them.”


“Get to know your builders and find out their needs, then help them be successful. Find out their goals, because sometimes they have very different goals than you. Figure out how you can achieve their goals and work together, rather than forcing your goals on them.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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