Build a Community

Travis & Jessica Carpenter


Their hope is to be able to give more financially to the ministries they have always supported. They adopted their daughter from China and have a goal to be able to write checks to fund adoptions for others.

Jessica says, “This has allowed us to step outside of a comfort zone that we’d known for a long time and focus on growing as a family and strengthening our marriage. It opened my eyes to what God’s putting in front of me. I can now see the potential of influencing a lot of other people, not just with the product but in the same way that we’ve been changed.”



“The key is relationships. Help people get what they want by taking the pressure off so they can see the bigger picture and make a good decision. Get out of your own way and see what people need, not what you need.”


“Get into a coaching program and system that is going to be right for you. Go outside of whatever is in front of you if that’s not the right fit. Find what you need to grow yourself.”


“Do the simple things. Teach a ton of classes, follow up with people, and find out what your community and your leaders want.”


“You’re going to want to quit at some point. Just accept that and make a plan for what you’re going to do when that happens.”

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