Plan for Freedom

Paul & Sophia Morrison


Though he probably won’t quit to join her anytime soon, he does love and support what she does with doTERRA.

Now, Sophia is able to take her daughters to and from school every day, help out in their classrooms, and attend their sports practices. She says, “I’m able to put all my time into my family. They see that I’m working hard, but they also see that I’m present in their lives.” She’s excited to have the time freedom to devote herself to what matters most.

The Importance of Planning

Take action.

“Put a plan together, put it into action, and don’t give up. Once you take those baby steps, they will turn into big steps. That momentum creates your business. Just keep going.”

Plan your day.

“I have my day planned from my kids’ sports, to any class I’m teaching, to date night with my husband, to dinner with my best friend. You have to plan everything in your life.”

Find free time.

“Once you have a plan, then you can structure your classes around that. You’ll realize that you have so much free time to get stuff done if you just make a plan.”

Work in advance.

“Make sure you have your classes planned a couple weeks in advance. You can’t plan a class at the last minute and expect to have a good turnout. Call the people who said they were coming to remind them and tell them you’re excited to see them.”

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