Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

KC & Jessica Moultrie


How do you and your spouse work together in the business?

Jessica: For a long time I tried to force KC into doing this business with me. I have since learned to appreciate the space that he was providing me to allow me to focus on my business, not feel any pressure at home, and know that everything is taken care of. He’s very selfless and willing to take on whatever task he needs to in order for our family to accomplish our goals. Even though he maintains his own job, we have a system that works right now. I’m blessed to know that we have a relationship where we can trust each other to get things done no matter who is doing it. I’ve learned that how we work together in this business doesn’t have to look a specific way or the same as other people for us to accomplish our family’s goals.

KC: For now, having my own job gives me a sense of security in knowing that I’m doing my part to provide financial health for my family. With our doTERRA business, I’m looking for how I can contribute with the talents that I have to grow our business in the best way possible.

At this stage, what motivates you to continue building your business?

Jessica: There is nothing better than seeing people change their lives. I think I’m at the level where I have a lot more leverage and influence, and that becomes a responsibility to help other people. You can’t just shy away from that. I brought my frontline leaders into this business and I feel personally responsible to help them. I want them to experience every level of freedom in their health, finances, and relationships. I know there is a lot of struggle that comes in the path to success. I’ve been there, so I can be a resource for people to help them overcome those obstacles and know how to do that. It’s something I want to be a part of. I want to have 1,000 Diamonds and above on my team. That way we’ll have good people who care about others with the type of financial security and influence to make a real difference in the world

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“Balance is different for every person. It’s about identifying the most important things you want to spend your time doing, and being willing to say no to anything that doesn’t serve those things.” –Jessica

1. Yourself.

“I know I need to nurture myself every day. If I don’t spiritually nurture myself, work out, get good food, and do personal development, then I’m no good for anybody.” 

2. Family.

“I want to be present with my family every day. I have to turnoff my phone or put it in another room so that I can disconnect completely. Even if I spend an hour of present time with them, that’s much more impactful than being distracted the whole day with them.” 

3. Business.

“I need to engage in my business every day. That’s how I find fulfillment, doing core business things that matter.” 

4. Fit It In.

“If I fit those three things in on a daily basis, I find that I have balance because I’m touching the most important areas of my life that bring me fulfillment, bring our family success, and meet our objectives.” 

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