Live Raw

Dr. Martha Nessler

While attending a chiropractic convention, Dr. Martha Nessler went to dinner with a group of friends, including Melody Watts. Melody whipped out her doTERRA essential oils right at dinner, and though Martha didn’t enroll that night, she was impressed with Melody’s passion. Melody continued to follow up, and eventually Martha enrolled with an Every Oil Kit. Martha was adamant that she would not do the business, but as she started to incorporate the oils into her life, she decided she wanted to start teaching about them. In her first class, she enrolled everyone, sold 5,000 PV, and became a Premier. She hit Silver in her third month and had no idea what that even meant. She says, “It just happened on accident, but now I can’t imagine it any other way."
“If you’re authentic, real, and raw and you come from a space of love, anybody will listen.”

Before being introduced to doTERRA, Martha had recently moved to New Zealand to live with her boyfriend, Dean Carter. She says, “I tend to be a bit of a free spirit and an adventurer, so I hadn’t really processed beforehand what it would mean to move across the world. Immigration turned out to be quite a shocking experience.” She had to give up her chiropractic business since she wasn’t licensed in New Zealand, but doTERRA was able to fill in the gaps for her. “I have so much gratitude to doTERRA because it integrated me into the culture. It got me out of my comfort zone and my home. I’ve met a lot of great people because of doTERRA and I’m really inspired by that.”

Diamond was never something she aimed for, but early in 2015 she decided she would focus more on inspiring, supporting, and coaching her builders. She hit Diamond just a few months later. As a chiropractor, public speaker, and success strategist, Martha has found that doTERRA fits well into what she does. She says, “I’m about teaching people how to be a raw human being. To be raw means to be in the natural state. I want people to aim to be more natural. We forget that our human body is not manmade. My motivator is to empower people to balance their lives in a natural way and help every human being live an optimal existence. The oils are just an avenue for me to do that.”

Today, Martha is happy to be able to continue to do what she’s most passionate about. She says, “doTERRA has brought me to a new level personally and professionally. I look at all the people on my team who are sharing doTERRA and making an income, and for me that means I’m giving back something to this country that I now call home.”

Sharing the Message of Health

Stay passionate.

“Hold true to who you are and your passion about the oils. Growing a doTERRA business is just like anything else in health and wellness. It can be frustrating when you understand the power of a product to benefit the human body and a lot of people don’t share that passion.”

Don’t stop trying.

“Just never give up. Spend time in personal and business development, and you’ll get your message across to those who are ready for it. It takes six times for someone to get your message."

Come to their level.

“Diligently educate and love people. Meet them where they are. A lot of times we meet people where we are and our message flies over their heads and they don’t hear what we say. If we meet them where they are, we can make a bigger impact in people’s lives.”

Keep it simple.

“Remember where you were when you first started doTERRA. Downsize what you know. Don’t give people the whole big picture of all the oils, but just start simple. Keep it simple sunshine and you won’t overwhelm people.”

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