Fill Your Cup

Dan & Susan Bursic


Susan says, “I had never been a big goal setter before out of fear of failing. I always gave myself an out. This was the first time that I ever got clear and loud about what I was going after.” By sharing her goal and deadline with others and including them in her plans, she was able to be intentional and purposeful about reaching her goal, and this helped her see opportunities everywhere to share with others.

Now, her family has complete control over how they get to live their lives. She says, “This has allowed me to get back to what I’ve always loved doing, which is serving others, but doing it on my agenda, while creating time and financial freedom. That is probably the biggest blessing.”


What is your ideal day?

“Get clear on what your ideal day feels like to you and make sure that your business is matching that. Look at what you’re naturally good at and make your business happen in the same way.”

Don’t try to be someone else.

“Don’t feel like you have to build your business exactly like your upline. People really get stuck when they feel like they have to be exactly like someone else.”

Build your business your way.

“If you’re really social and out and about all the time, find ways to build your business socially. If you’re more of a homebody, find ways to build online with a social media presence.”

Do it how you’re comfortable.

“You can do this business in a way that connects with who you are and how you feel most comfortable and natural. You will find that you grow so much faster because you’ll be sharing in a more authentic manner.”

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