What Is an M1 Account?

In January 2013, the doTERRA Executive team announced the multiplier (M1) account, which allows Presidential Diamonds to create a second account and begin to build additional depth and width in their organizations. This change has allowed Wellness Advocates the opportunity to expand their business without limits. But, an M1 account can also feel like starting over from the beginning. Two years later, several Wellness Advocates have reached the ranks of Double Diamond, Double Blue Diamond, and Double Presidential Diamond, so we asked some of them what the experience of building an M1 account has been like for them.


Andy & Natalie Goddard— Double Diamonds

“Although we experienced massive fulfillment in building to Presidential Diamond, we still love watching people transform, become their best, and tap into financial success through doTERRA. Once our leaders reached a certain level, it felt like there was more we could do and more people waiting for us to lead them. An M1 account expanded our minds to the possibilities.

“The biggest challenge was our own worries that building an M1 would be more than we could do well. With a large family and a growing team, it’s been crucial to focus our efforts and hold our boundaries. Because we didn’t have good boundaries in place and lacked understanding of what efforts really made a difference, our early building was often stressful and demanding. We’ve done a lot of personal development and coaching to shift those beliefs and that has made the biggest difference for us. Building our M1 has been a refreshing change of pace and an incredible growing experience for us.”



Hayley Hobson—Double Presidential Diamond

“It was hard to start all over, literally. The nice thing is I already had a paycheck from my first organization, so I had money to invest. That made it less difficult than the first time. It’s a lot of work, and I would not encourage anyone to start an M1 account until their first account is super solid at Presidential Diamond. If it’s not, then you won’t have the time and capability to focus on the new group of people.

“I wanted to build an M1 because I just didn’t feel done. The reason that I do this business is because I love the whole process: prospecting, enrolling, helping, inspiring, motivating, and mentoring. If I wasn’t so motivated by that, I could be satisfied sitting back and watching my leaders, but I’m not that kind of person. I started over so I could have a fresh group of people to work with who weren’t buried in my organization. By creating a new organization, I have expanded the number of people who are being touched by the oils and inspired by the business.”


David Hsiung—Double Diamond

“I’m glad that doTERRA gave me the opportunity to put new builders in an M1 account so that I can help them build their teams and help my rank grow. My biggest challenge has been time management. I have double the team members and leaders to take care of. But, now I have past experience and a stable income to help me.

“It’s also been very beneficial for me to build up relationships between my Presidential Diamond builders and my M1 builders. It helps my M1 builders become more confident in their future success and lets both groups of builders learn from and help each other. To me, both of my accounts are one team, one unit.”





Patrick & Allyse Sedivy—Double Presidential Diamonds

“In general, building your organization deep will create stability and great income. However, there comes a point where in order to take your income to the next level, it is beneficial to go wider. An M1 account is awesome, but only do it if you are committed to at least go Double Diamond. Otherwise, you would be better off supporting and strengthening your original team.

“One of the biggest challenges with starting an M1 is finding new builders that you feel are good enough to be on your frontline. At this level of the business, you need strong leaders on your frontline or you will never have enough time to take care of all your leaders.

“Be aware of where each of your leaders on your original account are as a far as their leadership development. Communicate with them to make sure you are still there for them when they need it, but don’t upstage them. As your original leaders become more and more independent, more of your time can be freed up for new leaders in your M1.”




Eric Larsen—Double Diamond

“I was motivated to start an M1 account to stay active and relevant. It is fun to work with new people. I am always meeting people and my M1 gives me the chance to place them in new spots. An M1 account is fun to build because you’re experienced, so you know what to do, and you have greater financial resources.

“The biggest challenge is finding balance and offering support to everyone. You have to be organized. Make sure your original team is solid before you start an M1 so that no one feels neglected.”


1. You are paid double for your work.

“You double dip with unilevel commissions. For example, if you have someone on your first level under your M1 account buying 100 PV of product each month, then your M1 will earn 2 percent in unilevel commissions. In addition to that, your original account, which is immediately above your M1, will earn 3 percent commissions.” –Patrick Sedivy

2. You can move leaders that are Gold rank and below who aren’t qualifying you to your M1 account.

“I signed up some leaders for my M1 account years ago. If you know you want to build an M1, start preparing those builders before you reach Presidential Diamond. That way, you won’t need to start an M1 from scratch.” –David Hsiung

3. It creates limitless income and opportunities for growth.

“Once you get your multiplier account to Presidential Diamond, you can start again with an M2, an M3, and so on. You can limitlessly bless more lives and stay fresh in advice and team mentoring as you train new Elites and Silvers.” –Emily Wright

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterratools.com.

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