Work as One

 Ha Bong Jeong & Eun Kyung Lee


When he shares the business with others, he tells them about the permanent and steady income structure that doTERRA provides, the quality of the product, and the credibility of the company. He says, “I tell them that if they really want to be successful, we can make it happen together.” When working with his team, Ha Bong makes sure to focus on strengthening his relationship with them. He says, “I tell them that we have to work together to succeed as one team.”

The motivation to work toward Diamond came from Ha Bong’s desire to have more freedom and enough money to support his family’s dream. He had to work to overcome his limits. He says, “If you mean it, you can make it. Do not let your dream die.” Today he feels satisfied with his life, and excited about his future.


Focus on success. “When holding team events, I focus on my team’s motivation and willingness toward success.”

Hold events often. “I hold these events once a week to keep people motivated and unified.”

Communicate frequently. “I communicate with my leaders at least once a day and give them feedback on their roles.”

Share your experience. “I always share with them the steps I went through to be successful.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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