True Conviction

 David & Amy Thedinga


While at a conference for public speakers, Amy Thedinga attended a small, impromptu doTERRA class taught by Mary Crimmins in the hotel lobby. Amy was already running a blog about natural wellness, so despite her hang-ups with network marketing companies, she knew the product was perfect for her and enrolled. She then ran through her Family Physician Kit ® in less than a month, so she decided to get on the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Amy started giving away products as gifts and telling everyone she knew about the amazing results she’d had in her family. Inevitably, people started asking her about how they could get them, so she decided to hold a class. With a background of 20 years in sales, Amy recognized that this was not an opportunity that she could let pass her by. After studying the compensation plan, she knew she was going to be Presidential Diamond.

Her husband, David, is also in sales and at first was resistant to both essential oils and the network marketing aspect of the business. He didn’t understand why Amy was spending so much time and money on something that didn’t pay her that much. Then, he attended Convention and everything changed. While he still works at his full-time job, he is fully supportive of Amy’s business and contributes where he can. Amy says, “He’s been really good at talking to spouses and being very transparent and vulnerable about the process he went through, and he helps coach them through that as well.”


Because of all her sales experience, Amy is able to help her team understand the steps that people go through before they buy, and how to be authentic and build a relationship through that process. But, she says, “Something that sets doTERRA apart from anything else I’ve ever sold is that I have a true conviction that what I am leading people to purchase is truly going to change their lives and change the world. Because of that, I’ve been more effective with doTERRA than I have in any other career.”

Today, Amy has developed a passion for passive residual income and what it can do for families. She says, “It’s a way to change family dynamics and bring parents home. It’s a way to stay connected in this extremely disconnected society where at least one parent is completely removed from the home, and not necessarily by choice. Passive residual income is a vehicle for people to make choices based on values and not be controlled by the need for a paycheck.”

Recently, she walked by the hotel where she first enrolled and thought, “What if I had said no?” She realized that joining doTERRA has changed more than just her own life. “The ripple effect of that one decision that I made was so meaningful for literally thousands of people. I know I have the tools to lead people into a better quality of life.”



“I was feeling stretched thin and like I wasn’t doing anything well in my business or as a mother. I realized that when I wasn’t working I was so busy doing laundry and grocery shopping that I wasn’t present and interacting with my kids. So, one of my big whys was to be able to hit Gold and hire a household assistant.”


“It took all my money when I hit Gold to hire someone full time, but it was worth it to me to have the space to push my business forward and also spend time engaged with my children. Don’t try to be a hero and do it all by yourself. It takes a village when you have a family and a business. Start to plan and look for that support sooner rather than later.”


“I had all kinds of hang-ups with hiring someone: I didn’t deserve it, I should be able to do it myself, and I should be able to handle it without feeling so stressed. But, what happens is you let self-care go by the wayside. You are a finite resource. You can’t burn the candle at both ends and be an effective parent or leader. Make time for yourself a priority.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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