Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

 Scott & Rhonda Ford

How do you and your spouse work together in the business?

Rhonda: Scott quit his job almost four years ago to do doTERRA with me full time. We have both been bosses before and we both have our own ideas. At first when he joined me it was a huge challenge. Through the years, we have grown to own our individual strengths and weaknesses and that’s helped us balance everything out.

At this stage, what motivates you to continue building your business?

Rhonda: We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my sister Gina Truman, who enrolled us, and has had so much patience with us and unconditional love. Also, my brother Boyd Truman and his wife, Sandy, who are crossline to us, have taught us so much by their example. Sometimes I take a step back and look at what we’ve done and the lives that have touched ours and it makes me cry. I wouldn’t want to let our team down. I want to see them all succeed. We have built such strong relationships with so many wonderful friends we have found on this journey. I don’t know where else I could go to feel this fulfilled. You cannot beat what we have here with this company.

Scott: We would love to see all of our business builders have financial success. We are just as passionate about their success as we are about ours. There will always be challenges and road blocks, but what strengthens us is being able to figure out how to work around those. We have great products and leadership, and the oppor tunity is still there for everyone. The future is great. There is still so much good to do with this company.



“If doTERRA were to automatically give everyone a Presidential Diamond team, most people would fail, because they have not prepared. It’s a process. There are steps that everyone has to go through to reach success, and those steps take time.” –Scott


“Sometimes people get frustrated when they haven’t reached the rank they expected to after three or four years. It took us six and half years to reach Presidential Diamond. If you’re feeling stuck, look inside and figure out what is blocking you from moving on.” –Rhonda


"Most of the time, we are stopping ourselves from growing. You need to be able to sit down, honestly self-evaluate who you are, and start to better understand what you need to do differently. We have to grow in this business and always be trying to better ourselves.” –Scott

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