The Diamond Decision

Fumika Uchida


When Fumika Uchida was first introduced to doTERRA she had no interest, but she listened just to be nice. She had always thought that network marketing companies had good products, but she had many misconceptions about the way the business worked. Once she opened a bottle of essential oil, she fell in love with the products and felt strongly that she needed to get involved with doTERRA. Immediately, people’s faces came to her mind of who she would like to share essential oils with. She says, “I had a strong feeling that I needed to change my current lifestyle and my future.”

She decided that she would try out a doTERRA business for one year, and if it didn’t work out she would just use the products for herself. But, with the help of Toshiya and Izumi Yanagihara, her business took off. Fumika says, “They made me feel like I could do anything. They taught me by their example the attitude of moving forward without stopping.” She now tries to cheer her leaders on in the same way the Yanagiharas did for her.

Her goal in doTERRA is to help solve people’s problems. She says, “I want all of my people not just to have the lifestyle they can afford, but the lifestyle they actually want.” Her long career as an office worker helped her develop the communications skills she needed to do well in this business and help as many people as possible.

When she shares with people, Fumika makes sure to let them actually use the products first. After that, she follows up in a few days to tell them about the business as well. She makes sure to highlight the aspects of doTERRA that she thinks will interest them the most as an individual.
“Make up your mind that you will do it and you will.” 

She says, “I tell them the things that I personally find exciting about the business, and that I really want to do this with them. I also emphasize that earning a commission is not as hard as they think.” 

She makes sure that she never fails to follow up with anyone in her business as soon as possible. She says, “I want everyone I share with to continue using doTERRA products, and I want to build a reliable relationship with them.” 
Since she began, Fumika’s focus has been Diamond, not just Silver or Gold. She says, “I believe that anyone who 
has decided to be Diamond will be one. Make up your mind that you will do it and you will.” 

Class Tips

Have fun.

“Make sure to have fun while teaching classes so that people enjoy coming to them.”

Be consistent.

“Have regular meetings so people know where to go to enroll, gain knowledge, or get in touch with people.”


“Classes help motivate your leaders, grow your team, and share information with as many people as possible.”

Make friends.

“Build relationships with people by talking about things other than doTERRA with an open heart.”

*Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA 2014 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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