Molded for the Better

Jeanne McMurry

Molded by doTERRA

Let yourself be molded.

“My upline always told me that doTERRA will mold you. I used to think, ‘What does that mean? I like who I am.’ But it’s true. You have to constantly grow and want to learn."

Be willing to learn.

“In the beginning, I was not a computer person and I didn’t like public speaking. I had to learn how to do those things to set the example for the people on my team.”

Work on your weaknesses.

“doTERRA will teach you where your weaknesses and strengths are, but it’s up to you to work on them daily. This business is what you make it.”

Take ownership.

“Everyone needs to take ownership of their own business and not blame their upline for their failures. Ask yourself what you want your upline to do that you’re not willing to do yourself.”

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