Incentive Trip—Jamaica

The doTERRA executive team and 600 Wellness Advocates from the United States and Canada escaped the winter chill this January in the tropical Montego Bay, Jamaica. They enjoyed beautiful waterfall hikes, river cruises, cultural experiences, and local cuisine, as well as the opportunity to give back to the community.

Here, the Grand Prize and four first place winners share their experiences of qualifying for this incentive trip and sharing their love for doTERRA:


Hayley Hobson—Grand Prize Winner, Double Presidential Diamond

It feels unbelievable to win this honor for the second year in a row. Emily Wright challenged me to win it again and that did it—I couldn’t let her down. I’m so glad to know that all of my hard work paid off and that I’ve been able to share doTERRA with so many people over the past two years. It’s always wonderful to have these opportunities to connect with other amazing leaders in doTERRA. I’m able to continue to learn from all of them, really get to know what works for others, and share what I’ve been doing to build my business. I love the incentive trip competition. It is such a generous gift doTERRA is giving us just to do what we already love to do.






Jacqueline Ritz—First Prize Winner, Blue Diamond

I have never won anything like this in my life and I am so blessed by the generosity of this incredible company. It felt so different to go from mucking out the chicken coop and dodging goat turds on my little family farm to basking in the tropical sun, being waited on, and having a swim-up suite at an all-inclusive resort. It was wonderful to spend some much-needed time away with my husband and to connect with others who are successfully sharing doTERRA. I didn’t participate in this to compete. I just shared essential oils with others and anyone who would listen to me. I am grateful to everyone who has ever believed in me and trusted me enough to be empowered with essential oils. I am so honored to be in this position, leading others to healthier and more natural solutions.






Jill Winger—First Prize Winner, Presidential Diamond

It was a huge treat to leave behind the snow, cold, and responsibilities in Wyoming to hang out with such amazing people on the beach. After winning the trip to Tulum last year, we knew we had to go again, no matter what. Last year’s trip was pivotal for my husband and me. It was in Tulum where we had the revelation that Diamond and beyond was truly attainable for us, thanks to time spent with the amazing executive team and top-level leaders. It was an absolute game-changer in our doTERRA journey. Everyone should do whatever they can to get on these trips, and encourage their team to do the same. Being able to spend quality time with the executives and Diamond leaders is such a valuable experience—it’s a surefire way to boost your confidence.






Naoko (Nicky) Lawnsby—First Prize Winner, Silver

At the 2014 Tulum trip, I was inspired by Hayley Hobson, who invited some of us to her suite to see what it is like to get the top prize and reminded us that we all have the potential to achieve so much more. I said to myself, “I wonder if I really focused, maybe I could get the First Prize. How many people could I touch in the process of achieving that award?” When the time to qualify for this year’s incentive trip came, I knew I had a chance to help others better their lives no matter what their issues were, and I tried to really focus on that. It was about the journey, not the destination. The prize was a measurement for me to see how well I was able to touch and help other people. It wasn’t just a competition. This experience made me even more aware of my lifelong passion. I already had dreams and goals, but doTERRA provided me with a straight path to achieve them.






Matt & Alicia Triplett—First Prize Winners, Blue Diamond

It feels really good to be recognized for a year of hard work. We have really enjoyed the past trips we’ve been on, and to know you are building your business at the same time makes the trip just a bonus. It’s nice on these trips to be around other doTERRA Wellness Advocates that you can collaborate and mingle with. We know that if you really want to do doTERRA, you have to be fully on board. It has to become a part of your life to be successful. The trips and conventions are just another aspect of living doTERRA all the time. It is the best motivator to build your business to be able to be around like-minded individuals who really live doTERRA and are rewarded because of it.


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