Your Relationship with Time

Get Inspired- Amanda Hopkins

Name and organize six of your highest values.

What things are the most important to you? What things do you need in your life to feel balanced and fulfilled? It took me a few days to do this because I had to mourn letting go of a few things and be honest with myself. I knew what was most important to me wasn’t what I was devoting time to, and that was why I would get grumpy and stressed out.

Create tomorrow’s list tonight.

If you are like me, you have a three-mile long “to-do” list, and for the most part the things on the list are actually things that really do need to get done. Since there are literally more things to do than we can actually accomplish in a day, we need to prioritize our priorities. In the evening, make space for reflecting on the things you did accomplish that day and then make a list of six to eight things that you must complete tomorrow. Use your core values to select these “must-dos” for tomorrow’s list. When your day is structured this way, you will continually feel like you are e–ffectively using your time.

Simplify daily activities.

There are some tasks that take a lot more time than others. A couple of my core values relate to continuing my education and a task that I love in this category is reading books. We can’t always read a whole book in one day, and thus need to practice a principle from the book The Slight Edge, and either read 10 pages or read for 10 minutes every day. This allows us to devote time to each of our core values without throwing o– our balance and increasing our stress levels. Developing a training program or cleaning the whole house shouldn’t necessarily be done all in one day. Doing small activities every day is a better time option.

Make one change at a time.

Once we have named our core values and have prioritized them, we must make sure that how we spend our time reflects those values. This type of change can be the most overwhelming process. So please, change one thing at a time. Once you pick one thing, work on adjusting and creating that new habit. Many times we try to fix everything at once, and that can leave us frustrated and ready to give up. When we focus on one thing at a time, we increase our chances of success and thus increase our confidence to tackle our next project.

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