Empower Joy

Shane & Kristin Van Wey

After a life changing experience through doTERRA essential oils, Kristin Van Wey began sharing them with her massage therapy and energy psychology clients. she had failed at other network marketing ventures in the past, and so for a while avoided even enrolling to get the products wholesale.

Then, she heard about the tragic shooting at sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. she says, “I had an overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to do something. I woke up the next morning and knew I needed to take the oils into sandy Hook.” she made a lot of phone calls and ended up being chosen to work with a group of 35 trauma specialists in sandy Hook.

“I teach self-empowerment. I feel that when people know deeply who they are, they have unlimited possibilities. I see the oils as a way of breaking through barriers.”

Her upline, Jared Winger, got her on the phone with Emily Wright. Emily said she and her husband had been longing for a way to get the oils into sandy Hook, so she was thrilled to send Kristin what she needed to help the surviving victims. Kristin began training the therapists she worked with on how to integrate the essential oils into their sessions. she says, “Each of them saw the effectiveness and power of the oils. It has become an amazing project as they continue to get unbelievable breakthroughs and results.”

The lead therapist brought the oils to Rwanda to help the survivors of the genocide there. Kristin also began meeting people who gave her the opportunity to bring the oils to Haiti to help victims of the 2010 earthquake. Today, she travels to Haiti every six weeks, sharing the oils with everyone she can. she says, “To witness what’s possible with these oils in such dire circumstances has been extraordinary. It has completely changed the way I see life.”

doTERRA has become an amazing vehicle for Kristin to do what she’s always wanted in life. As a homeschooling mother of seven children, her family could never spare the money to travel. Now, she can travel, serve, and do what she loves. she says, “For the first time in my life, aside from my role as a mother, I know that I’m doing exactly what I came to this planet to do. doTERRA provides me with a vehicle to serve, give, and do the things that are the most important to me.”

Because of doTERRA, Kristin’s family has a hope and a plan for their financial future. she has been given the ability to fulfill her purpose in life and leave a legacy for her children. she says, “We are no longer limited by our finances. We can all live in a creative space. If we lived on a planet where everybody could focus on things they love and are passionate about, I believe we would be in a place of peace. That is why I am as passionate as I am. I see this for every single person.”

How to Build Retention

“Retention comes from education, self-empowerment, and teaching people how to create solutions.”


“Connect with people on a heartfelt level. Meet them where they are.”


“It’s about empowering people. You’re not doing it for them, but providing confidence, tools, and hope.”


“When someone joins my business, I tell them they have joined a network of people who care about them. They have a place they can come to for support and education.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterratools.com

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