Mentor Confidence

Roger & Carol-Ann Mendoza

“Mentoring is not just answering people’s questions, but also helping them gain a belief. It’s casting a vision for their life that maybe they don’t see.” –Carol-Ann


Carol-Ann adds, “The best part of the Tulum incentive trip was the five-hour bus ride to the pyramids. We spent the whole drive walking around talking to people. We asked the other leaders, ‘What works for you?’, ‘What’s happening in your organization?’, and ‘How is it with your husband at home?’ All of this helped us to advance and learn from one another. It’s been amazing.” The Mendozas want to be these same mentors to others. Carol-Ann says, “We do mentor crossline, and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to give without any vested interest. We’re not going to earn something from their growth, we’re just giving.” Roger says, “We want to be available to people so they can come to us and get advice. We have paved the path one way, so now they can get information and tips on how to pave their own path in their way.”

Making the Transition to Having Your Spouse at Home

Carol-Ann: “A plan needs to be in place for the transition period. be aware that there is a transition period and be flexible.”

Months 1–2:

“This is the learning stage where he is shadowing everything I’m doing, and he starts teaching his own classes.”

Month 3:

“Our children will be in summer camp, so from 9AM–4PM, we will focus on doTERRA. We plan to restructure, reorganize, find out what our strengths are, and divide up paths.”

Month 4:

“Then, we plan to implement.”

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