Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

Paul & Betsy Holmes


How do you work together in your business?

Paul: Typically it’s going to start out with one person spearheading the business. In our case, that was Betsy. What’s important is for the other person to allow that individual to go after their dreams and provide them the support they need. I’ve found that just by being a voice and a sounding board I can be a huge help, especially in making crucial decisions. It’s key to identify in the first few years what the other person like Betsy would need help with and figure out how to step in and fulfill those roles, whatever they may be. Realize that in taking care of things that may be weaknesses, you’re enabling the other person to spend way more time on their strengths. If they’re able to focus their time on their strengths because they’ve got support and structure around their weaknesses, they’re going to be able to be all the more productive and successful.

What were your biggest challenges as you were reaching for Presidential Diamond?

Betsy: I think it’s easy at this level to start to get complicated with things. It’s important to keep it simple. I had to scale myself back a few times. Things always need to be duplicable. When you become Blue or Presidential Diamond, you need to give yourself permission to take a break. If the life you are projecting to your team is that of a run-down, overworked, and tired individual, that’s not going to make it appealing for people to try to reach that rank. The challenge is to find out how you can enjoy your work and have boundaries so you can enjoy your rest as well. you may have a crazy schedule at this stage, but we need to find a way to live that schedule well so we’re teaching our team that it’s worth it to be at this level. There should be motivation to get to this level, because that means the people on your team have reached a higher level as well.

What advice would you give to a new business builder?

Betsy: Just get started. The best thing you can do with doTERRA is to learn as you go. Don’t wait until you know everything, because your education is waiting for you in the next class you’re about to teach. Sometimes it takes teaching a class or sharing with someone to fully grasp and understand the opportunity that is before you. I think if people are waiting to understand everything before they move forward, it can sometimes hinder them from having the best education. You have to just get started.

Paul: You have to go and make it happen. I say this all the time to the rugby teams I coach: “If you’re going to make a mistake, make it going 100 percent forward.” You can always recover with momentum, but if you’re not making something happen and you make a mistake, it’s going to hinder your growth. you can’t make excuses. You can’t be worried about what you don’t have. You have to take what you do have, move forward, and make it happen.

What difference has doTERRA made in your life?

Betsy: We both come from small, humble beginnings. I was born in one of the poorest counties in the state of Ohio and lived in a trailer. Paul was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and lived there until he was adopted by south African missionaries when he was eight years old. He spent his childhood in a war-torn country; his house was blown up while he was in it. We met while I was teaching English and he was visiting his parents in Lebanon. When we found doTERRA, our home was in foreclosure and we were in a massive amount of debt. We’ve learned to take all the things that have happened in our lives and be grateful for how they’ve shaped us. Our eyes have been opened to difficulty in other people’s lives and how we can be a solution for them and not just bystanders. We know that people can overcome difficulties. We know that people can become better people through challenges. I think we’ve proved through our lives that anyone can be successful.

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The Blessing:

“I think people have the assumption that the blessing of being this rank is all in the money. It’s more the growth you receive as a person and the time and financial freedom to be able to give of yourself to something you really believe in. That’s why we created”

The Dream:

“I’ve always traveled and done work overseas helping people, and I get to do that more now than I ever thought I would be able to. It’s amazing how many times a year we’re able to go overseas and work with the people we love. We’re blessed to be a blessing.”

The Cause:

“We kept coming across the need for oils in other countries. We had no way on our own to give all of our own oils all of the time, so we had the idea to bring other people into that through Now, we’re able to give so much more than we would have ever been able to on our own.”

The Motivation:

“The heart of why we even wanted to be at this level is to have the ability to influence and make a positive difference in the world. I think we have more to offer the world now than we ever did before because of the refinement process we’ve been able to experience.”

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