Creating Abundance

Mariza Snyder & Alex Dunks


From the beginning, Mariza wanted to create a culture with her doTERRA team that centered on healthy living and nutrition. She says, “Although we are educating about essential oils, we also talk about nutrition, cleansing, and restoring. Many times people gravitate to my team because they want to be a part of this education.”

Because of doTERRA, Mariza has been able to create a team that is having a big impact on their community. She has been able to create the career of her dreams. She says, “It’s allowing me to meet my ultimate vision of impacting as many people as possible with a healthier lifestyle. It has brought me so much abundance.”

Duplicable and Educational Classes

I do a lot of research. If I learn really cool science stuff, I like to break it down super easy so that anyone can teach it.

I have a series of at least five to seven classes that I have created content for, taught in front of my team, and recorded. This way my team can bring the message to their people.

I get my leaders teaching as quickly as possible so that they really own the material. They become credible and reliable sources to their communities.

I travel to each of my areas at least once a month. We have a big class on a topic that my team really wants me to touch upon— something new and fresh that I’ve never done before.

I like my classes to be extremely educational so if someone comes to our class who is brand new, they come out of that class learning something valuable.

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