Bless Others

Eric & Kristen Pardue

Kristen Pardue first became interested in natural health four years ago when she got through her health problems by changing her diet and improving her nutrition. Then, she found out through social media about a class Mary Crimmins was holding about babies and essential oils. With a baby boy of her own, Kristen was interested in how she could better incorporate natural alternatives into his life as well. When mary, who is also a Diamond, shared her story, Kristen was inspired by what the essential oils could do for her and her family’s lives.

Kristen says that if Mary had actually asked her to do the business, she probably would’ve said no. Because she was a dietitian, Kristen thinks mary must have assumed she would want to get involved. mary simply sat her down for coffee, gave her a folder, and went over the business side. Kristen came home and told her husband, Eric, “I think I’m doing this.” Eric wasn’t happy about it at first, but as Kristen’s business quickly grew he came to see that doTERRA was different from other multilevel marketing companies. Kristen quickly became passionate about about sharing essential oils with everyone. 


She says, “I want to give everyone the hope and the natural options that I have. I love educating others on the proper way to use these oils. I can’t help but share with everyone because of what they’ve done for me. I feel like I’m doing people a disservice if I don’t tell them about these gifts.”

It was at convention that she first got excited about reaching Diamond. she says, “Convention just lit me on fire. Once I decide I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. I saw the Diamond seats and I said, ‘I’m going to be sitting there next year.’” She was able to hit Diamond within 13 months of when she enrolled.

Kristen’s business grew so fast while she was still working fulltime and taking care of her baby, that she struggled to structure her business correctly along the way. But, with the support of her family and her upline, she made it through and she tries to be that same support for her team.

She says, “We’re all so hard on ourselves that we need someone to believe in us. We need someone to tell us that we can do it and that we have what it takes. When my builders go through difficult times, it’s my job to remind them of those things.”

Kristen’s excited that she gets to do what she loves for the rest of her life. “I think everyone wants to make money doing what they’re passionate about, but I never felt like that could be me. I have so much hope now that we’re going to be financially free and be able to give and be a blessing to others. I thank God for my trials, because through them He gave me a hope for healing and a passion to give that hope to the world.”


Build relationships.

“You need to be focused on fostering the relationships that you have in your life. Don’t be scared to meet new people. You’ve got to learn to communicate and make people feel loved and cared for. People want to do business with people who make them feel good about themselves.”

Teach classes regularly.

“Consistently teach classes and consistently follow up with people. I was always teaching classes. If only one or two people showed up, I didn’t mind because it’s one more person getting to hear about these amazing gifts. Teaching regular classes gets the word out. People will know that you do this business and recognize you as the oils expert. They will know to go to you with their questions.”

Have a big why.

“Remind yourself every single day why you’re doing this. Your why will push you through the discouraging times. If you still want to give up when you remind yourself of your why, then your why is not big enough and you need to figure out what your why is.”

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