Your New Gym Bag Makeover


Essential Oils

1 Cypress Apply to feet and legs to prep for your workout.

2 Deep Blue® Rub Massage into your muscles after a workout for soothing relief.

3 doTERRA Motivate® Encouraging Blend Apply to pulse points to spark motivation to work out.

4 Slim & Sassy® Metabolic Blend Add a couple drops to water before working out for a revitalizing energy boost and a healthy metabolism.*

5 Mito2Max Take two capsules daily to support mental and physical energy.*

6 doTERRA Balance® Use before Pilates or a yoga class.

7 doTERRA Breathe® Drops One drop before a run or any other workout will help open airways for clear breathing.

8 doTERRA Breathe® Apply to the chest to invigorate your senses.

9 Correct-X® Soothes and hydrates skin irritated by shoes or run-ins on the court.

Personal Hygiene

13 DIY: Equipment or Yoga Matt Cleansing Spray

  • 2–4 ounce spray bottle
  • 5 drops of doTERRA On Guard® blend
  • Witch hazel (¼ of spray bottle)
  • Filtered water

Combine all ingredients together in the glass bottle. Mix well, spray, and wipe.


  • Dry Shampoo: Carry a small container of dry shampoo to freshen up greasy hair and scalp.
  • Gym Towel: Bring a towel to wipe away sweat on your body and yoga mat.
  • Hair Band & Hair Ties: If you have long hair, these items are must-haves.
  • Headphones
  • Smartphone Holder
  • Jump Rope: 10 minutes jumping rope is a great way to warm up your body.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes and socks.
  • Don’t forget an empty bag to store your post-workout dirty clothes.

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