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Sensing that there were many others that could help them in their cause, Sarah and Ginna focused on fundraising efforts so that they could put in the first well. Sarah, a gifted photographer, put together a video to help get the word out about the project. Sarah says, “We all have this desire to use our gifts for something greater than just making a living. Over time, we’ve each seen how all of our gifts and abilities are being used with this project in a way that we never even dreamed.”

Amazingly, their first efforts at fundraising brought in a little over $10,000 and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ agreed to match $5,000. They had enough money to put in the first well in February, with a stewardship program that gave the community responsibility over the care of the well. The program worked, and now, with fundraising efforts bringing in another $10,500, and another $5,000 from Healing Hands, they have plans to build three more wells and begin funding future aspects of the project.


While they still plan on putting in many more wells with the money that has been donated, Josh and Sarah have plans to start another branch of their ambitious project: garden kits. To help families have crops year round, the kit will include seeds, fertilizer, and a simple, efficient drip irrigation system, along with access to workshops at Deep Roots farm.

This all contributes to their overall vision for Mozambique. Josh says, “The worldview of Africa is that everyone is starving, but the people are surviving and they have a tremendous amount to offer. We brought them a few ideas and they were ecstatic to grab onto them and make them work. We’re just part of the way. They’re the ones that are going to change their country.”

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