10 Smart Tips For Packing

"Traveling around the world has made me re-think my carry-on! The key to surviving those long international flights is preparing that precious packed stuff under your seat. I like to pre-pack my snacks so I don’t have to rely on peanuts and pretzels. Dried fruit (mandarin oranges are my favorite), nuts, and some fresh fruit go a long way to landing happy. In many cities, it will be hours before I have time to get a meal, so I like to save some snacks for my destination as well. I always pack Lemon to add to my water–staying hydrated is my #1 travel tip. Keeping your carry-on organized ensures you can grab things quickly without rummaging in a black hole, and you know what you are missing when you jump up to leave the plane. I h ave small clutch-size fabric bags; one for electronics, snacks, oils, toiletries, misc. and entertainment (books etc.). You cannot have enough little bags! Make sure you pack the things you don’t need on the flight at the bottom first, like the backup outfit."

— Alyssa Balzotti, dōTERRA Director of Global Events

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