Aromatouch® Hand Technique

In situations where time is limited, the AromaTouch Hand Technique can be of tremendous benefit. The Hand Technique is an easy way to give an individual an essential oil experience while positively affecting different body systems.

With the Hand Technique, you can apply the specific essential oil that addresses the recipient’s personal needs. This technique is a great introduction to essential oils, because it gives the recipient a one-on-one experience with both the giver and the oils.

The AromaTouch Hand Technique is a simple tool that anyone can use to give someone a great essential oil experience. You never know how much of an impact you can have on someone until you make the effort. The AromaTouch Hand Technique can be that impactful experience. We encourage you to perform this technique for a family member or friend that needs to feel cared for.

The AromaTouch Hand Technique consists of four simple steps performed on one hand and then repeated on the other. It only takes between five to seven minutes to complete the full technique. Once you have selected the oil you will use and are ready to perform the AromaTouch Hand Technique, follow these steps to give your recipient a wonderful, pleasant experience.


 Step 1 Oil Introduction and Dorsum Tissue Stretch

  • Apply a light, even coating of your selected oil to the entire palm of the recipient’s hand (about one to three drops).
  • Grip the recipient’s hand on either side using both of your hands. Make sure the dorsum (or back) of the hand is facing up and that your thumbs are on top.
  • Use your thumbs to stretch the tissue of the hand moving from the inside out, and from the wrist to the base of the fingers.



Step 2 Regional Tissue Pull

  • Grip the recipient’s hand (palm up) with one hand on either side and your thumbs on top.
  • Use your thumbs to methodically work through all three regions in a circular motion away from each other, beginning in Region 1, with medium pressure.
  • Make sure to work the entire surface area of each of the hand’s regions.



 Step 3 Vertical Thumb Walk

  • Use your thumbs to work through each of the hand’s five zones. Beginning in Zone 1, place your thumbs at the top of the recipient’s hand close to the wrist and alternately work your thumbs down the entire length of Zone 1 to the tip of the finger three times. Repeat the procedure for all five zones.




Step 4 Interphalangeal Pull

  • With the recipient’s palm facing up, grip their wrist with one hand.
  • Stretch the tissue located between each finger away from their hand by gripping and sliding the tissue between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Repeat the pull three times between each finger before moving on.
  • Repeat Steps 1—5 on the recipient’s other hand.

To learn the full AromaTouch Technique, find an event in your area by logging on to our website aromatouch-events/. If you have any questions about the AromaTouch Technique or Hand Technique, please email

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