Cleaning the Air in Your Home

Many of us spend a great deal of time indoors, at work or in our homes. By adding a plant or two and making other simple changes, air quality in your surroundings can improve radically.

Other Easy Ways to Clean Your Air

Some simple things you might not think of can also improve the pollution in your home. These include:

Take your shoes off as soon as you get home

Chances are that at some time during the day your shoes walked across the grass in the park, into a pubic bathroom, or across the sidewalk. In all of these places your shoes picked up a number of contaminates, such as e-coli, pesticides, or formaldehyde. When you wear shoes in your home, you run the risk of infecting your family with any of these toxins.

Use the correct cleaners

Using natural cleaners such as the doTERRA On Guard® Cleaner, or making your own cleaning products, will reduce the amount of harmful gases in your home. (See page 37 for DIY essential oil cleaning products).

Vacuum regularly

Dust mites are a normal occurrence in any home, but they hold onto bacteria and unsavory smells. Frequent vacuuming will reduce the amount of dust mites.

Change your air filter at least every three months

This will keep dust mites and bacteria away, and is especially important if you have pets. To ensure moisture does not take over your home and aid in the growth of mold, run fans in your bathroom and open your windows frequently.

Diffuse essential oils

Certain essential oils and blends such as Purify, doTERRA On Guard®, Juniper Berry, Lemon, Lime, and Melaleuca (Tea Tree) contain powerful cleansing properties.

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