Lesvos Hope and Healing in Times of Crisis

doTERRA Europe, along with many Wellness Advocates in the region, came together to raise the necessary funds to finance a community center where families can come and gather for activities, distribution of clothing, and other needs.


Opportunity to Serve

In early December 2016, doTERRA Europe organized a humanitarian trip to Lesvos with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, where they provided relief to refugees in two main local camps. Working with Steffi de Pous, a volunteer and the founder of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Because We Carry, doTERRA Europe and several Wellness Advocates spent time preparing meals, playing games, sorting clothing, and sharing oils with each of the refugees (termed ”guests” by the people of Lesvos) throughout the 200 tents (1,100 people) of the Kara Tepe camp. Our Wellness Advocates also trained some of the translators who then went from tent to tent showing the families how Wild Orange essential oil could help with mood and other benefits. All the refugees embraced and welcomed these wonderful gifts.

Because We Carry has been raising funds to erect a permanent community center, a place for the families of the second camp to come and gather as a community for activities, clothing distribution, and other needs, doTERRA Europe, along with many Wellness Advocates in the region, came together to raise the necessary funds to finance the project in its entirety.

Further, doTERRA Europe is working to create a permanent opportunity for European Wellness Advocates to serve in Lesvos on an ongoing basis. Since we now have a trusted partner on the ground and a sustainable project, more Wellness Advocates will be able to travel to Lesvos in order to serve these people, along with teaching how the oils can help these wonderful families in dire need of hope. There was also a promotion in Europe where Wellness Advocates could purchase oils and donate them directly to the Lesvos project. These oils included Wild Orange, Balance, doTERRA On Guard®, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Purify.

Long term there will be other identified needs and opportunities to serve. We are excited, yet overwhelmed as the needs are endless.

Currently, there are estimated to be 60,000 refugees in Greece, and it is thought that approximately 10,000 of those are living in tents or temporary shelters.

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