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Most people who try doTERRA essential oils end up falling in love with them. Every day we hear personal stories from doTERRA Wellness Advocates from all over the world who are experiencing powerful benefits from using doTERRA essential oils and products.


I am a volunteer with an organization called Joined Forces Yoga. We teach yoga classes to active military on base/post. Our classes are completely free. We provide all the equipment and instructors; everyone is on a 100 percent unpaid, volunteer basis. I am at U.S. Army Base Ft. Campbell every week and use my doTERRA essential oils in the classes there. I’m always amazed at how much the soldiers love the oils. I pick different oils depending on what the vibe is when we arrive, but doTERRA Serenity® is a surprise favorite. I also like to use Peace® and just
straight Lavender. I see our time with the soldiers as a rare chance to find some grounding and calm in an otherwise high stress environment. –Kristin Benton, TX

I use Lemon in my laundry every day and Wild Orange when mopping and cleaning the floors. They leave the house smelling fabulous! –Natasha Warsky- Bullington, FL

I love to add a few drops of Wild Orange to my morning shower. The sweet scent is so lovely, it’s a great start to my day. –Sarah Struss, Canada

I take doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack,® DDR Prime,® Zendocrine,® and DigestZen Terrazyme® supplements daily. I consume Lemon, Grapefruit, and Slim & Sassy oils in my water throughout the day. I diffuse oils daily while at work and at home. The oil I pick depends on my mood or the outlook of my day. I was introduced to doTERRA in Oct 2015, and my life has improved tremendously as a result. –Mystina Vogel, SC

I love doTERRA essential oils. Each morning, I use an oil that best fits my need such as Cheer,® Forgive,® or Passion.® Twice daily, I use Slim & Sassy blend dropped into 4 oz. of water. In the evening/night, I choose an oil to help me wrap up my busy day such as Peace® or Lavender. These are just a few oils that I use on a daily basis. –Tina Lewicke, FL

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