Benefits of Essential Oils and The AromaTouch Technique

The doTERRA® mission states that we want to have “an oil in every home.” doTERRA moved this mission forward by providing people with the opportunity to experience the benefits of the world’s greatest essential oils. The AromaTouch® Technique is one of the way you can share those benefits with others. Since October 2015, when the doTERRA Spa in Pleasant Grove, Utah, was opened to the public, we have been providing the opportunity for anyone to come and receive their own essential oil experience through the AromaTouch Technique. So if you are visiting doTERRA corporate campus, stop by the Spa and get an AromaTouch Technique by one of our expert technicians.


Why do you love performing the technique and what is your favorite step in the AromaTouch Technique?

I love the benefits the AromaTouch Technique provides for my customers as well as the benefits it provides me from giving it! I can’t help but leave a treatment feeling more in tune with myself and focused on my desire to help others. The doTERRA Balance® and Lavender steps of the technique are my favorite part because it sets the tone for the whole technique and helps them let go of their worries and really relax.—Erica Riley









What makes the AromaTouch Technique so unique and why is it so important to use the doTERRA essential oils?

Each step in the AromaTouch Technique creates a unique experience. You are able to smell the wonderful aroma of each oil as it is spread with the application of light, calming touch to emphasize the benefits of each oil. The powerful combined aroma as you complete the technique and the experience the customer receives by the end is amazing! Although the movements would be the same if you were to use other oils, the benefits you would normally receive from the aroma would be nothing compared to what the doTERRA CPTG oils provide through this technique. —Christina Bedford








What makes the AromaTouch Technique special to you?

I love that I can explain each of the oils used in the technique to my clients and get to help them love the essential oils as much as I do! Using the eight essential oils in this technique brings so much natural healing to the body which is amazing. It is such an enjoyable technique to give because it is completely different than regular bodywork. It is much more light and soothing than the normal deep pressure used in other modalities.—Lorin Smith










To anyone who has not received an AromaTouch Technique yet, why would you recommend receiving it?

From my personal experience, I have realized that the AromaTouch Technique is very precise. With such precision, you know that the treatment is very purposeful and effective. I would recommend receiving an AromaTouch Technique because I love how relaxing the sessions are. That deep relaxation allows the oils to really do their magic and bring about the benefits that they each offer separately and combined. One of my clients, who receives regular massages, after receiving her first AromaTouch Technique said she had never felt so relaxed in her entire life!—Rachel Heinz

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