Can Essential Oils Be Taken Internally?

Dr. David K. Hill D.C. - Founding Executive, Chief Medical Officer / Chairman, Scienific Advisory Committee 


Quality Matters

Currently, no accepted regulatory body oversees the production of essential oils, nor is there a universal standard governing essential oil usage protocols. For this reason, doTERRA has created a quality assurance process: CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®. To be safe and effective, especially for internal use, essential oils must have the proper chemical profile and also be free of any impurities or adulterations. doTERRA uses a canon of third-party analytical methods to ensure that every bottle meets our high standards of composition and safety.

Additionally, many essential oils are found on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list that approves essential oils for internal use as non-medical constituents. Although this list does not approve the internal use of dietary supplements, it does set general safety guidelines. The plants and substances included on this list have a well-documented history of safety when used internally. Essential oils do have usages and applications that extend far beyond these parameters; however, the GRAS list is still an accredited tool that contributes to confirming the safety of internal use of essential oils.

Scientific Forefront

Although topical and aromatic applications have been most widely studied, emerging research has now begun to validate the efficacy and safety of internal use. From improving emotional status to protecting vital organs, internal use of essential oils is an exciting field that is developing at an accelerating rate.* The further we delve into the science of essential oils, the more we understand their physiologic relevance. While there is much yet to understand and a great need for continued research, we should embrace the power and safety of internal use that has been clinically and anecdotally substantiated.

As a professional, I too recognize that taking essential oils internally must not be regarded lightly. Because of their potent nature, it is important to use essential oils with caution and safety. But, when used mindfully, many essential oils can safely and effectively be administered internally. Their multi-faceted range of health applications empowers every individual with the opportunity to naturally manage their health with the utmost confidence.

“Essential oils are already part of your normal diet.”

  • Vegetables: Leaves & Roots
  • Proteins: Fish & Nuts
  • Fruits: Flesh & Rinds

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