“Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch. For the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.” —Anonymous

The Power of Touch

The power of touch is profound. It soothes, nourishes, and heals; it is a fundamental part of our life. Today I went to visit my 102-year-old grandma who—unless she bounces back like she has for years—is most likely transitioning into the final days of her life here on earth and on to her everlasting life up in heaven. She is still as sweet as ever, but you could tell this time was a little different. She’s a little less energetic and there are other signs, but I went with the intent to give her an AromaTouch Hand Technique along with a foot massage with my essential oils. This lady has done so much for me, so this was a final act of service that I could give her: a caring touch to let her know that she means the world to me. She didn’t say much, but would exclaim, ‘Oh, you don’t know how good that feels!’ over and over. I know the oils are doing something for her, but the touch—that’s what it was all about today. Remember the power of touch! —Becca Dallain

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